Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A couple of suggestions

First, if you're a man, get your PSA checked at least once a year. If your doctor doesn't do them, find another doctor. If you're over 40 and your doctor says they don't start PSA tests until 50, say you know a guy who's 43 and has a tougher-than-usual case of it.

If your PSA is at all elevated get a biopsy. Don't let them scare you away from that. Done by a good doctor it hurts less than having a cavity filled. If you get a negative biopsy, great! If the PSA keeps rising, though, get another one. It's probably nothing. But you need to know.

Really, this could save your life. If there's cancer in there and you catch it early odds are very good you can be cured with minimal side effects. With every passing week your odds go down.

Second, please check out the blog of my friend Amy Rauch Neilson. Amy is a great writer and mom who is currently going through the worst of treatment for her second round of breast cancer. Her blog is called "It's in the Genes." Miserable as her situation is right now Amy maintains an inspiring positive attitude. If you like the blog, please consider subscribing to it via the box on the lower right. Amy is trying to get a publisher for her book about the genetic condition that puts all the women in her family at risk. The more subscribers she has, the more likely a publisher will pick it up.

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