Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We've moved to ""

It was time. This Blogspot blog has served me well but after helping some people with WordPress I began to realize how much more it could do. So I moved to a "real" domain (no ".blogspot" in the address) and switched to Wordpress. It's much better.
For readers, the only real difference (besides the fact that the look of the site will probably keep changing as I play with styles) will be the change in URL. Simply remove the “blogspot” and the extra period from the address. So replace:
See you there!

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Lucky Leftyz said...

Hey Scott,

Noticed you were a Python/Django in the SE MI area and though we would reach out. Looking for some more development talent for a start up we are working on called Want - basically trying to create the first true product taste graph.

A little background on us:

- Based in Farmington Hills
- Backed by Camelot Venture Group (
- 2 Django developers, 1 front-end
- Design driven culture - both from a visual + "how it works" side
- Just finished the UI for the iOS app with a designer on Dribbble

Here is a little overview of the application we are building:

In its simplest form Want is a way to save and showcase the products you desire or considering purchasing. The basic mechanics include: following other users, discussion around products with comments, sharing with other services - all the standards. Where we feel it can transform the shopping/consumption experience is by building an experience from the ground up that constantly captures an individuals product interests and connects them with users, brands, and other products in one-off, ultra relevant way. The whole web thinks Facebook will become a dominant force for commerce, yet the one misconception no one touches on is the assumption that friends by nature share the same interests - whether its music,movies, or products. The typical Facebook user has 150 friends, but there is no doubt its less then 5% where tastes overlap and recommendations actually mean anything.

For a glimpse at the mobile side here is how we envision one of the tabs called Explore (influenced by Foursquare) working - user walks into a shopping mall and can see all the products from people they are following Want, what they are saying about those products, top 5 most popular in that mall, receive real-time deals from retailers on the items they Want, personalized recommendations of products in that mall based on their tastes, etc

The future of the product encompasses much more, but hopefully that gives some perspective on the kind of stuff we are aspiring towards. If you have any interest in the position at all, let us know - we can set up a time to discuss more.

Our contact is: Luckyleftyz at camelotvg dot com